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Fast Food & Cafe Convention 2017

Fast Food & Café Convention, India’s only event that brings together the QSR, Fast Casual & Café community took place on the 29th of November 2017 at The Lalit in New Delhi. This event was conceptualized in a bid to identify the changing dynamics of the fast food industry in India, as it responds to the discerning consumers and their ever-evolving tastes. In the last two decades, since the first Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) entered India, the industry has seen a constant growth and a momentum that has given operators the leverage and confidence of a promising future.

The convention brought together leaders of the food industry, successful restaurateurs and renowned chefs, who shared ideas, thoughts and inspiration. “The Fast Food & Café Convention 2017 is India’s first conference catering to the needs of rapidly growing Indian QSR market.”

  • DATE:

    November 29th 2017

  • Venue

    The Lalit, New Delhi

Hospitality Development Summit

The Hospitality Development summit 2013, provided an insight into the Indian Hospitality Industry with an emphasis on trends for the future, growth strategies, keys to sustainable growth, legal and regulatory issues, tax implications and the challenges and expectations of the industry, the how, they why and when into development, innovations at the present and the future.

The summit brought together over 250 senior executives, 30+ speakers and 20+ Exhibitors representing the hospitality sector, hotels, hotel operators, Ministries of tourism and development, associations, real estate developers, architects & Solution providers.

  • DATE:

    July 4th - 5th 2013

  • Venue

    ITC Maratha, Mumbai India

Interventional Oncology Summit

Interventional Oncology Summit 2013 provided an insight into the techniques on a global perspective and how we can maximize the potential for interventional medicines and methods in the oncology field.

The Summit featured some of the leading specialists from around the world with newer ideas, methods and unique perspectives, this unique interactive format Summit allowed its attendees to share, comment and network with international surgeons and directors from North America, South America, Europe, The Middle East, CIS, South east Asia and Central and Western Asia.

  • DATE:

    October 25th - 26th 2013

  • Venue

    Vienna, Austria

Civil Aviation Development Summit

The Civil Aviation Development Summit, shed light on the challenges and opportunities facing the industry with Air traffic control, Development of Airports In Tier II and Tier III cities, better connectivity, Upgrading Technology, Regulatory Issues, opportunities with the Indian MRO industry, Improvement of Airport Infrastructure, Insurance, Leasing and Tax implications, security and surveillance, growth strategies, benefits of PPP involvement and modules, the way forward and what the future looks like for the Sector.

The event hosted 150+ delegates, 20 speakers and 15 exhibitors over 2 days.

  • DATE:

    December 5th - 6th 2013

  • Venue

    Eros International, New Delhi, India

2nd Hospitality Development Summit

The Hospitality Development summit 2014, provided an insight into the some key challenges facing the industry such as development in various tier cities, technology and innovations, Multi-use property development, Medical tourism and its impact on the sector, infrastructure funding, new concepts in design, energy efficiency, operational challenges, customer engagement strategies and the overall development of the Industry

The summit brought together over 300 senior executives, 40+ speakers and 25+ Exhibitors representing the hospitality sector, hotels, hotel operators, Ministries of tourism and development, associations, real estate developers, architects & Solution providers.

  • DATE:

    August, 21st & 22nd 2014

  • Venue

    Hilton, Mumbai, India

Social Media Marketing Strategy & Networking Summit.

The Social Media Marketing Strategy & Networking Summit looked an the usage of social media not only pure play advertising and promotion in business, but also as a means to bridge the gap between businesses and customers in India, by making social media a more effective business marketing strategy that can be used within businesses.

The Summit brought together 200+ executives & 25+ Speakers such as Chief Branding officers, heads of digital, heads of social media, heads of marketing, managers of online communities, social media strategists, entrepreneurs, word of mouth marketers, associations & Solution providers.

  • DATE:

    November, 5th, 6th & 7th 2014

  • Venue

    Bangalore, India

Smart Projects India

The Smart projects India Summit focused on key smart projects in the country. The show was a compilation of 4 conferences – District Cooling & Tri Generation, Wastewater treatment and Desalination Reuse, Smart Power Grids & Renewable Energy & Smart ICT Cities and Emergency Response Management.

The Summit brought together 400+ executives, 60+ Speakers and 40+ Exhibitors over 4 days.

  • DATE:

    February, 24th - 27th 2015

  • Venue

    Ahmedabad, India

The Healthcare Convention

The Healthcare Convention, brought together experts and leaders in the healthcare field from India and internationally they discussed and deliberated the challenges faced in the industry and the impending rise and growth of healthcare in India.

The Summit hosted over 150 delegates, 35 speakers and 10 Exhibitors. The show hosted executives from healthcare, medical tourism, IT and Innovation, medical, hospitals, infrastructure companies.

  • DATE:

    May, 21st - 22nd 2015

  • Venue

    New Delhi, India

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