A Master Class for all
your F&B entrepreneurial needs!

They say ‘an entrepreneur bites off a little more than he can chew, hoping he’ll quickly learn how to chew it’!
Well that’s what we are here for – to help you learn…ever so quickly!

Allow us to help you realize your dream and show you the light at the end of the tunnel…yes it is there…believe us when we say it
(we have walked through the tunnel too!)

Why Us?

Like we said, we have been there in that tunnel; which at the start just seems so long and arduous. When we started our entrepreneurial journey we were as confused and unsure as you may be feeling. Our experience has taught us that a little guidance at every juncture, can definitely improve your learning curve.

Also we have been working with the F&B industry for the last few years, curating niche B2B conferences. This has given us an opportunity to get the insider’s perspective of pain points for restaurateurs. Armed with this understanding and coupled with our wide network, we are confident of helping you build your F&B business, all the while staying true to yourself.

Our course content is designed, developed and delivered by industry leaders, academics and acclaimed business consultants. The content is regularly reviewed and updated by eminent experts to ensure the curriculum reflects the topicality of the market and the industry.

Need we say more??

By now are you asking yourself – Why Me?

That’s a very valid question – what do I get out of this? And our answer (without beating about the bush) is – YOU get to accomplish your dreams!

  • You get to learn from the best
  • You can stop your search – all the topics that cover all the potential challenges that you may face are under this one ‘roof’!
  • You can pick and chose what you want to learn – we do make it rather exhaustive and you may not need all the courses!
  • Attend the class from anywhere!
  • Once registered, log in and finish your class in your own time…no rush!
  • You can send in your queries to us even much after the session is over…and we will try and get you responses from the experts

Masterclass Package

4 courses

Masterclass Package

1 Course

Featured Sessions

The Home Chef Series

One thing we can definitely be thankful for during this pandemic is the fact that it has brought out a lot of our hidden talents! Especially when it comes to cooking, most of us have been experimenting on our families and quite successfully at that. Add to that an entrepreneurial mindset and many of us have earned the well-deserved title of becoming a home chef!

Becoming a home chef can be quite exhilarating especially when the food you cook is appreciated and you get more and more orders from your apartment complexes and surrounding areas. As your orders grow, you start realizing the need for processes and planning in order to actually make it into a viable business. And that’s exactly what we will help you with.

We have put together master classes on a bunch of topics that may be challenges that you are currently facing or could possibly face as your business grows. (Do feel free to reach out and tell us if you feel we have missed out something)


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