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Our tradeshows give an opportunity for the hospitality community to gather and build their business networks; at the same time getting a chance to become acquainted with products & services that encompass tools and technologies to enhance the food service industry. These shows also offer avenues for learning from some of the most sought after industry professionals to increase one’s efficacy and enhance business growth. They provide a productive platform for the buyers and sellers to come together and explore innovative ways to make your business successful.

23rd November 2021 | Conrad Dubai India & The Middle Easts only event bringing the QSR , Cafe, Fast Casual & Cloud Kitchen industry together Visit Website Edition 5 Where Strategy & Innovation meet Development & Growth READ MORE Edition - 2 India's only event bringing together senior executives from Pubs, Bars & Micro Brewery operators. Visit Website This convention will bring together all the stakeholders of this nascent industry to discuss trends, available alternatives and methods for strengthening the communication. READ MORE
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We are aware that COVID19 is volatile and this makes it difficult to anticipate what the world would look like as the year progresses. However this does not put a spanner in the wheel and our planning for better times continue.

We have implemented a no risk policy, focused on three key points.







Our Event Calendar

Fast Food & Café Convention

Middle East’s only B2B event for the QSR, Cloud Kitchen, Fast Casual & Café folks. Having forged ahead with a lot of hard work and passion over four editions, the event now enjoys well-deserved popularity in the industry.

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Hospitality Convention

Bringing the hotel industry together to discuss development and strategy over the last four editions, this event is inching its way to find a place under the sun. Being given the stepchild treatment didn’t help either!

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The Pub Convention

When we had restaurants and hotels covered, why leave behind the pubs, bars & microbreweries, we thought! The baby of the family, having launched in 2019, didn’t get much of a chance to grow (as yet!) – all thanks to the pandemic! But if the launch is anything to go by, it is definitely raring to go!

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Plant Based Food Convention

Vegetarianism is a way of life in India. Mock meats are acknowledged and plant proteins have proven to be comparable substitutes to meat as many food start-ups and manufacturers have started to accept the importance of the plant-based food trend. The need to consume a healthy and immunity-boosting diet, especially during the pandemic has raised the awareness of plant based food even more.

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