We might be small, we might be niche
but we are full of wild enthusiasm & focus.

We ensure we give you the best…for you to forge ahead


INSPIRE: Derived from old Latin.
‘In’ meaning ‘In’ or ‘into’ and ‘Spirare’ meaning ‘Breathe’. To literally breathe life into – an idea, a vision or goal. Your idea, vision or business goal. Everything from Design and Content, Trainings to the Events we create – we endeavour to instill a sense of inspiration & an attitude of we can make this happen. What’s life without a breath of fresh air?


Now that we’ve got you inspired. Lets skip the english lesson on this one. The next logical step in our story is to CONNECT you with your target audience or maybe just a peer. Although the pandemic has turned everyone into a choiceless introvert, keeping connected is vital. And until we are ready to crawl out of our underground bunkers and hidey holes to face the world – Oddbox is here to help you find, network and stay connected with your audiences


Finally, wrapping up our tedious dictionary search for the right words in our maybe slightly hyperbolic tagline – we’ve landed on ENABLE.
Inspire. Connect. Enable. As cliched as this may sound our end goal is to enable you to grow your business – whether its through learning, networking or design we are with you through the journey enabling you in all ways – onwards and upwards!



Conferences & Exhibitions

We are, a B2B conference & expo organiser; our events cate solely to the F&B industry. Founded in 2017 our aim has been to build a platform for the F&B Community to learn, network, and collaborate.

While we started off with our first event in Delhi, India; Oddbox has now expanded our footprint to the Middle East. We now host our trademark conventions in Dubai and Saudi Arabia with increasing support and encouragement from the F&B sector.

Our tradeshows/expos are designed to ensure we discover, display and expose our attending audiences to a limited but varied and eclectic group of solution providers, innovators, and technologies that are state of the art, proven, and are designed to drive the industry into the uncharted tomorrow.

Our Conferences have garnered the adulation of the F&B community in India and the Middle East. However, as an conference organiser, we rely on the experience and expertise of our key advisors and supporters from the industry to ensure we make the right decisions. Our conference sessions, key topics of discussion and presentations are precisely conceived to ensure current trends, pain points and outline the opportunities the industry is currently facing. Our researchers and conference producer focus on ensuring in-depth discussions, trending topics, Industry related concise content and information sharing. We offer solely three things – a platform for learning, the atmosphere for creative thinking, and community building.

And, if those big words weren’t convincing enough, rest assured you will love our attitude, our approach and the way we connect with our clients.



We Organise event specific to the Food & Beverage Community!


We’ve worked with some pretty great people at some pretty awesome companies


Feel free to reach out to us with any questions. We are very friendly and always open to discussing new projects, interesting ideas or opportunities to be part of an event.

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