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FFCC Hangouts!

When you think of the Fast Food & Café Convention you would rightly assume that it’s an event that focuses on the serious side of business – from operations to brand, marketing to supply chain – that’s probably what comes to mind. But the truth is – Life isn’t always about business and serious conversations! Every once in a while, we enjoy mixing things up, and hangouts is designed for this one purpose which is to have an evening filled with excitement, laughter and light conversations to help you shake off the stress and rejuvenate.

"It’s all about Networking No Speeches, No Panels just plain old meeting people."

I take this opportunity to thank you for a wonderful opportunity and platform provided to be part of a great event

The pre and post event updates, follow-up and networking opportunities provided were best in class

I look forward to be associated and part of the future events

Sarathy Jeyaraman
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